Style Your Home

If you’ve ever wondered why your room still doesn’t look like the ones you see in magazines, it’s a common problem with homeowners. Concentrating first on the big ticket items such as furniture and rugs, many people look at their “new” space and wonder why it looks cold and unwelcoming. The secret of how those magazine rooms look so good is the addition of accessories and a designer’s skill with styling.


Accessories are that mixture of items that you love, and that reflect your personality. Sometimes it’s nice to buy something new but try to mix in interesting pieces that people will notice. Moving an accessory from another room can suddenly give it new life.

Styling your room with the right accessories will make it suddenly feel comfortable. You will be attracted to use that room because it feels just right! Your room will come to life as you add style and panache in the form of art books, fresh flowers, a decorative box or a sparkling tray.

So when your decorator adds in some accessories to your design plan, think of what else you could add to bring the room to life.


Mirrors are used by decorators in many rooms for both practical and decorative purposes. According to Elle Decor “Mirrors aren’t just designed to add a decorative touch to an interior. They’re also the perfect solution for making a space feel brighter and larger.”

The style of mirror can be a contrast to your design style or blend in. If you like the idea of a gallery wall, intersperse mirrors with the art. Varying the shapes of frames and mixing textures with baskets or masks will add visual interest.

Your interior designer, Lisa Rice, can also show you a variety of  oversized mirrors that can lean against a wall adding majesty and elegance.


Art is often treated as an afterthought but why not add a little color to your surroundings? We need art in our homes to add a focal point – sometimes a chosen piece of art can be the starting point to a whole room design.

The art you hang on the wall speaks volumes about you. Think of how by visiting someone’s home, and taking note of the art, can immediately give you insight into their personality.

Clients say “I don’t know anything about art.” You don’t need a deep knowledge of art to appreciate a painting. Either you like it or you don’t! Look around when you’re out, look at what is on the walls at friends or out at a restaurant. The more you look, the more you’ll have an opinion so when you go on vacation next, invest in a small piece for your home. Think where you want to put it and visualize it there.

And ask Lisa to help you choose art that will enhance your home or your office. Open offices can be impersonal and a curated art collection can improve staff morale and make clients feel comfortable.