Interview with Lisa Rice

Lisa sat down with web marketer Sue Thomson to discuss her career.


Q. Tell me a little about your career prior to owning Decorating Den Interiors.

A. I was raised in a suburb town of Philadelphia. Since graduating from Temple University I have worked in several States. In fact, anyone will tell you that I love to travel, whether for business or pleasure! I originally focused on helping others develop leadership skills but gradually realized I would prefer to do something creative. I became the District Manager for a nation-wide chain that has amazing gift shops and was responsible for visual merchandising. This appealed to my creative side but I still wanted to go further, and is one of the reasons I purchased my Decorating Den franchise.


Q. Have you always had the design bug?

A. Yes, I’ve always enjoyed decorating my own home. In 2005 my sister became my first client when she asked me to organize her untidy guest room that had become a store room (it happens to many of us.) I was able to transform the space into a bedroom that could sleep four with a tasteful tropical feel in a neutral color scheme.


Q. What is your personal style?

A. My favorite style is transitional with a slant towards contemporary. I gravitate more towards clean, straight lines versus decor that is very ornate. I enjoy creating neutral designs with a pop of color. I consider blue to be a new neutral and can mix different shades and tints of blue very easily but as always, my client will select colors to suit them!


Lisa Rice, award-winning interior designer

Winning awards at the 2019 Decorating Den Interiors Annual Conference


Q. What do you like about the design process?

A. I love finding the perfect solutions to a client’s lifestyle needs and creating the desired mood for their space. When I find the right base elements for a room — a rug, artwork, fabrics — it’s like finding the perfect present for a friend then I can’t wait to show my client. A good example of this is a client I have been working with on different spaces for two years. I recently found the perfect wallpaper for her bedroom which would contrast so well with her new upholstered bed. I couldn’t wait for the next appointment so I sent her a photo of the wallpaper because I couldn’t curb my excitement!


Q. What do clients like about working with you?

A. The design process can be overwhelming for people because there are so many decisions involved.I make it fun and ensure my clients enjoy the journey. They also like that I am willing to work at a pace that is comfortable for them. We can do one room at a time or break it down into phases.


Q. Why should a client work with you?

A. I take a very consultative approach to uncover a client’s unique story — what they enjoy, what they value, what makes them happy. For example, if a client doesn’t have a color scheme in mind, I’ll ask what colors they gravitate towards for clothes, cars, or tableware. I’ll ask them to show me favorite photos, memorabilia or souvenirs that we could use as inspiration. Being solution driven I want to find out what will make them happy. I do not want to be transactional, I want to be transformative!


Lisa Rice's dog TobyQ. What do you do for fun?

A. I have an adorable rescue Maltese mix named Toby. I enjoy spending time with friends and we go to wine tastings, hiking and visit spas. I really do love to travel including weekend getaways and trips overseas. There is so much of the world I haven’t seen and having taken a successful Rhine River cruise in 2018, I am now looking forward to a future trip on the Rhone River.