A Brighter Dining Room

This couple wanted a lighter, brighter, more modern feel to their dining room.

Project Overview:

This elegant dining room delivers drama with color, scale and texture.  Warm woods provide a neutral backdrop for the rug, art and vases’ colors to pop.  Variegated materials like the large white Carrera marble and velvet create movement, plushness, and a modern feel resulting in a cohesive and sophisticated design.

A Brighter Dining Room

Client’s Brief

They wanted to keep the wallpaper, white wood wainscoting and floor color the same. The rest was up to the designer. They knew they wanted something dramatic but weren’t sure how to get there.  These clients were looking for the room to flow with the adjacent rooms in the home and have a cohesive design.  The couple also  wanted a mix of materials and colors.  But, they didn’t want the design to be read as juvenile or unsophisticated.  Dining chairs had to be comfortable and have enough seating for eight guests.  In keeping with the lighter brighter feel, the pair liked the idea of window treatments that would still let in enough sunlight. block out Lastly, a major piece for them would be something to accommodate their growing wine collection. Could a bar added in also?  The couple hoped that all these pieces could fit in and would well together to equal an amazing design that they would love for years to come.


The designer started with the rug as the foundation for the room and the design. She brought in bright sophisticated colors that tied in with the white of the room and natural grasscloth walls.  These colors then became a springboard for the entire  dining room’s design. Whites were infused into the space with the addition of a large marble table and white dining chair seats.The upholstered seats were chosen for comfort and to encourage lingering even after the meal is done. These tied in beautifully with the wainscoting and white in the rug.  It also provided them with the amount of seating  they needed.  Neutral pieces were added for storage of wine and bar items, thus not detracting from the rug’s show stopping design.  These neutral pieces also flow nicely with the warm woods in the other rooms.  To punch up the color, blue decorative vases add a pop of color. Art work and colorful plates tie the color scheme together.  The window treatments bring in pattern, tie nicely with wallpaper and incorporate softness without affecting the natural light.  The mix of stone,  colored glass and warm wood tones add texture and variety.  All in all, the end design is clean, modern, dramatic and functional.